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Silverware Wind Chimes

A couple of years ago, I began searching local thrift stores for interesting pieces of silverware in the hopes of replicating super cool jewelry that I had seen at Portland’s Saturday Market. I especially like the mid-century starburst flatware, whether it’s Mar-Crest Citation or a knock off, so I bought any and all pieces I found of it. After a couple of months of looking, I had a decent selection.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked by life and other projects, and my silverware got relegated to the garage. About a year later, I came across some a picture of wind chimes made out of silverware. Chad assured me, as always, that we could make our own.

I knew that I had my stash in the garage, so I convinced him to get out the power tools. First he bent one of longest spoons into a circle. He then drilled as many holes into it as I had pieces to hang. With that finished, Chad drilled holes into each piece of flatware. I remember that he broke several drill bits in the process. When I asked him today which pieces of silverware gave him fits, he naturally couldn’t remember. In his defense, he did do this last summer. I believe that the stainless steel pieces were harder to drill through, but don’t quote me!

While Chad was prepping the silverware, I rummaged through my beads and found some plastic ones that were leftover from a previous project. I strung the beads onto fishing line of various lengths and secured them with crimp beads. Once Chad was done, I attached the beads to the silverware first and then the bent spoon circle. To hang the finished wind chimes, I attached fishing line from the bent spoon circle to a large washer I found in the garage. Lastly I sprayed them with a clear coat of polyurethane to prevent rusting.

They live happily ever after in our backyard on one side of a shepherd’s hook. It amuses me that I bought the silverware with a totally different project in mind. Maybe one day I will make that ring and earrings…

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