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Martha Stewart Discbound Notebooks

For the past couple of months, I’ve been on the hunt for an interesting, feminine portfolio to use at work. Black leatherette seems to be the norm in most office supply stores. I, personally, prefer to invest (because they usually aren’t cheap!) in something prettier with more flair. I like to make a statement when I walk into a meeting at work.

It finally occurred to me to see what options Martha Stewart might have in her home office line for Avery. Voila! I found just the thing for me – her discbound notebooks. They come in two sizes: 6 1/2″ x 9″ and 9 1/2″ x 11 1/2.” Each size has black and Martha blue options. Both colors and sizes have plain and designed versions. The plain ones have a textured, leatherette finish, while the designed ones are made of easy-to-clean plastic. I am a sucker for Martha blue, so I chose it in the largest size with the leatherette cover for work.

Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook in Blue

Beyond the fact that they are attractive, Martha’s discbound notebooks are customizable through a variety of coordinating accessories. These include dividers, pockets, and expansion discs. I recommend that you definitely buy the expansion discs because my notebook filled up fast. I have a little secret for you – the M by Staples Arc notebook accessories also work with Martha’s! This is great because the M by Staples Arc line has a wider variety of products and includes a hole punch that will make any paper product work in your notebook.  Happy office supply shopping!

M by Staples Arc System Desktop Punch

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DIY Composition Book Makeover

Where did summer break go? It seems like it gets shorter every year! The time has come to trade in beach bags for backpacks, flip flops for tennis shoes, and swimsuits for uniforms. When I was a kid, the one thing that I liked the most about going back to school was shopping for my school supplies. Yes, my love of office supplies started at a very young age. I’ve come up with a super easy and extremely affordable way for your kids to personalize one of those must-have items: the composition book.

Composition Book Makeover

NOTE: Make sure you reference your school supply list and/or talk with your child’s teacher to make sure it’s okay before you start this project. The last thing I want any of you to have to do this time of year is go buy more supplies!


  • Composition Book
  • Cardstock (2 sheets)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Exacto Knife


Step One:

Using a foam brush, cover the front of the composition book with Mod Podge.

Step One A

Place 1 sheet of cardstock on top of it. I like to use the binding of the composition book as a guide for lining up my cardstock.

Step One B

Make sure that you press the cardstock down firmly on the composition book, and smooth out any bubbles. Don’t worry about the paper hanging over the edges. We’ll fix that later.

Step Two:

Flip the composition book over and repeat Step One.

Step Two

Step Three:

Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Step Four:

Open the composition book, and trim away the excess cardstock using an Exacto knife. If you’re doing this project with the kids, you’ll probably want to do this step for them. Always remember to use your Exacto knife on top of a self-healing mat or surface that you don’t care about.

Step Four

When I make these, I also like to add a few, brightly-colored paperclips. You never know when you might need one.


Happy back to school craftiness!

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Map Binder Clips

I love maps. It must be something that I get from my mother. She’s been known to read an atlas. I think our fascination comes from an adventurous spirit and love of travel.

On Pinterest, I have a board devoted solely to crafts involving maps, and I’ve been slowly using up pages from a 2000 atlas we had lying around the house to make some of them. Today I decided to try an easy one: map binder clips. I might love office supplies almost as much as maps. Getting new pencils, notebooks, and such was always my favorite part of going back to school. This craft was a fabulous way for me to incorporate both loves.

Using Sensationally Sarah’s tutorial as a guide, I gathered my supplies. The hardest part of this craft was choosing which map to use. Because I’ve thinking about San Francisco following a conversation the other day with a co-worker, I decided to go with a map of the Bay area. I highlighted places I’ve been on each of my four binder clips.

These binder clips are almost too easy to make. I’m thinking that they would be wonderful presents for friends around the office. It would be cool to choose maps of places they love or maybe even cities where you’ve had business trips. I’m also considering using scrapbook paper leftovers in the place of the maps. Whatever you choose to cover yours with, you’ll definitely be happy with the end result.