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London Jewelry

I have for a long time had a love of most things British. Many of my favorite bandsĀ come from England. I adore British movies. I watch lots of BBC America. I could go on and on!

A few months ago, IĀ found some London-themed charms at the craft store and had to buy them. They’ve been sitting in a box just waiting for me to use them, so I finally made them into jewelry.

Jewelry-making doesn’t have to be so involved to turn out cool. I simply added jump rings and earring wires to the London charms for the earrings. With the telephone booth charm, I attached it to a ball chain with a jump ring. My bracelet was the most “difficult” piece because I added a closure to some chunky chain with jump rings before attaching the Underground charm with another jump ring. When you find really rad charms, simplicity is sometimes best.