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Easy DIY Felt Flower Brooch

Cardigans are a work wardrobe staple for me. I especially love solid-colored ones because they are perfect for pairing with cute, little brooches and pins. I like looking for vintage brooches at the flea market and thrift stores, but I’ve been thinking that I should try making some myself.

While shopping in the scrapbooking section at the craft store last month, I rediscovered some darling, floral embellishments by Jolee’s Boutique. I’ve seen them before, but I hadn’t considered buying these lovely flowers until I found them on sale. It’s amazing how much more inspiring an item can be for the right price! I chose some grey, felt flowers that are the perfect size for a dainty accessory.

To make a brooch, you will need felt flowers of your own choosing, a strong adhesive, and a round pinback. What you won’t need are any special tools or advanced skills. This accessory is one that any crafter can make!


I chose to use Amazing Goop for my adhesive because it likes both fabric and metal. Plus it dries clear. It is always important to read the fine print on an adhesive before buying it. Otherwise your craft that you’ve spent time and money on may not turn out as planned.

First, I carefully removed the adhesive that came attached to the back of the felt flower. I then applied a good amount of Amazing Goop to the pinback and pressed my felt flower onto it. This adhesive needs time to build a strong bond, so plan to allow the brooch at least a day to cure.

Here’s the finished product! I paired it with a navy cardigan because I adore this color combination, probably because it references two my favorite basketball teams – the Memphis Grizzlies and University of Memphis Tigers. This sweet brooch helps me show off a little team spirit without having to wear anything tacky or ugly!

Felt Flower Brooch

Hopefully my felt flower brooch will inspire you to make one of your own. Happy crafting!

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Guitar Pick Earrings Tutorial

Earrings are one of my many weaknesses. If I find an unusual or whimsical pair for a reasonable price, I must have them. Several years ago I bought a pair of earrings made out of guitar picks from a local company. I get comments almost every time I wear them, so I’ve been wanting to make some.

As with any craft, you need the right tools. I specifically lacked something that would cleanly punch a hole through a plastic pick until I invested in a Crop-A-Dile. I bought one a while back intending to use it for setting eyelets, but I’ve found the Crop-A-Dile handier for punching holes in a variety of materials. It is a little pricey, so make sure to use one of those 40% off craft store coupons. The Crop-A-Dile is typically not exempt from them.


  • Guitar Picks
  • Crop-A-Dile
  • Jump Rings
  • Earring Wires
  • Pliers

Step One:

Punch holes in each of your guitar picks with the 1/8 in. side of the Crop-A-Dile.

Punched Guitar Picks

Step Two:

Attach jump rings to your guitar picks, and then attach those to earring wires.

Guitar Pick Earrings

In no time flat, you’ll have a funky pair of earrings that can double as guitar picks in a pinch. Happy repurposed crafting!

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Scalloped Heart Earrings

I must have jewelry and accessories for every holiday. I am that girl in the office. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have some sweet Scalloped Heart Earrings to share.

Scalloped Heart Earrings

I made these earrings out of Martha Stewart scrapbook paper from a Valentine’s Day mat pad. Many of Martha’s papers are double-sided, which is great for earrings. This allows them to be as beautiful from the front as the back. I cut the scalloped hearts with my Slice Elite, but you can use a paper punch if you don’t have access to an electronic cutter. To get more information about the techniques I used to make these so shiny and bright, check out of my Paper Earrings Tutorial.

After I got my hearts finished, I decided to fancy these earrings up a bit by adding beads in a coordinating color. This does require some jewelry-making skills, so feel to omit the beads if you wish.

Scalloped Heart Earrings (2)

I am so pleased with the way these earrings turned out that I intend to wear them year round. They are just too cute to reserve for only a couple of weeks out of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!