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Ornament-Filled Mason Jars

Our first Christmas with Kiko aka LulaBelle, we attempted to put up our tree. She, being the curious cat that she is, took great interest in the tree, specifically the things hanging on it. We tried all sorts of tricks to keep her away from it: double-sided tape, citrus sprays, etc. Nothing stopped her from attacking the tree. Knowing that my ornaments didn’t stand a chance of staying on the tree or in one piece, we took the tree down after a few days.

Last year we had another kitten in the house, so we didn’t even bring the Christmas tree down from the attic. I was bound and determined to enjoy at least some of my ornaments and came up with a clever way of displaying them that was kitty-proof. I bought wide mouth half-gallon and quart mason jars, filled them with ornaments, and closed them with lids and bands. The result was precious. The cats checked the jars out, but they quickly became disinterested in them. When Christmas was over, I stored the jars with the ornaments still in them. Christmas decorations don’t get much easier than that!

Ornament-Filled Mason Jars

I found my mason jars at a craft store. If you have a difficult time locating them, check out the Ball Fresh Preserving Store. They have every size imaginable. For the ornaments, choose colors and patterns that match your Christmas decor. These jars look great on a mantle. They would also make for fabulous centerpieces for a Christmas party.

This year we’re hoping to give the Christmas tree another go. Keep your fingers crossed that it works this time! If not, I’ll always have these ornament-filled mason jars for me to enjoy and Kiko to sniff…

Kiko with the Ornament-Filled Mason Jars



Regardless of your feelings towards Martha Stewart, you have to admit that she knows how to do Halloween right. I, personally, am a long-time Martha devotee, and I share her love of Halloween. When I saw these Jar-o-Lanterns, I knew that I had to make them. My jars entered our home full of pasta sauce, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. Since I started reusing jars, I’ve looked at my groceries in a whole other light!

Martha recommends using an enamel-based paint on the interior of the jars. I used her multi-purpose paints, and the results are okay. It did take the paint a long time to dry. For the pumpkin faces, I opted to make stencils with my Slice Elite cutter and Spook Alley design card instead of her prescribed method because I thought it would be easier.

I taped my stencils to the jars and painted them again with Martha multi-surface paint. Much to my chagrin, the paint peeled off the jars when I removed the stencils. Glass can be really tricky to paint. I taped the stencils back onto the jars and used a Sharpie instead. I’m happy with the results. My stencils were quirky, so my Jar-o-Lanterns have funny faces.

These decorations will be adorable with battery-operated tealights in them. I’ve also seen jars painted as ghosts and monsters. If I am lucky enough to use the contents of more jars before Halloween, I might just try them, too!

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