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“Vintage” Picture Frames

When I saw Tidy Mom’s tutorial for Mod Podge frames on Pinterest, I knew that I had to try them.

I generally shy away from projects that require staining because, well, it intimidates me. Her blog assured me that this project would be simple, so I decided to conquer my staining fears. Plus she lists a pretty quick completion time. If I had pre-stained my frames, I might have finished this in under two hours. The stain took awhile to dry, longer than I expected. Perhaps the crazy high Midsouth humidity was to blame. I foolishly began adhering paper before it was totally dry. Luckily this project involves distressing for an aged look, so the stain that bled through doesn’t look so bad. When I do these again, I will stain the frames well ahead of time. You might notice the embellishment on one of the frames. I didn’t like the look of my distressing in that area, so I did what any good crafter would do to save a project – I embellished it!

Due to the lengthy list of supplies, the various techniques involved, and amount of time to complete it, I would rate this project as advanced. I really like the end result, and I’m glad that I made several of them at once. I always appreciate projects that I can complete in assembly line fashion, especially around the holidays. These will definitely make for some snazzy gifts!

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