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Just a Little Autumn Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross stitch seems to be popular with many of you. Since it’s been awhile since I showcased a project, I poked around on Cyberstitchers for a cute, fall pattern. I quickly found Just a Little Autumn by San-Man Originals.

I stitched this pattern on 28 ct. Monaco fabric over two threads with two strands of floss. If you’re intimidated by high count fabric (I was for a very long time!), simply use what you are comfortable with. I, personally, can always use more practice with 28 ct. fabric, which is why I chose it for this simple project. Although the pattern does not specifically list it, the scarecrow’s eye should be done with a french knot. I used four strands of floss to ensure that it would stand out against the black thread of the scarecrow’s body. One other thing. I did stitch something incorrectly, but I left it because the overall pattern was not effected. My mother told me once that the little mistakes make the pattern your own.

Most likely this pattern will take you about a weekend to finish. It’s a great distraction from non-stop football viewing or a good way to feel less guilty about watching a reality show marathon. This pattern would be adorable featured on a pillow if you’re into sewing. I will probably frame and display it every year during fall. Happy stitching!


Chocolate Cross Stitch Pattern

On the Cyber Stitchers website, one of my favorite designers is Barbara Ana. Her patterns are whimsical and very colorful, two things I look for in my cross stitch projects. One of her designs that I have stitched is My Heart Belongs to Chocolate. It is the perfect ode to one of my all-time favorite things: CHOCOLATE!

After you look at her pattern, you’ll notice that I added back stitching. I’ve mentioned before that I view it as the mascara of any cross stitch piece because it adds that finishing touch. If you want to keep it simple, omit the back stitching. The piece will still be darling without it.

This design would be a fabulous gift for the chocoholic in your life. It also makes a cute kitchen decoration. Thanks to Barbara Ana for sharing this one. I just adore it!


Love One Another Cross Stitch Pattern

I’ve got another beautiful AND free cross stitch project from Cyber Stitchers to share. This Love One Another pattern interested me because of its elegant simplicity and cool use of negative space. Plus you can’t get much easier than one color cross-stitched on 14ct. fabric. I had this completed in one night, but no pressure!

I also liked it because this pattern looks a lot like the Love Ribbons stamp released earlier this year by the United States Postal Service.

Although the finished piece certainly looks lovely framed, I think there are other possibilities for this pattern. It would be darling as a Valentine’s Day card for a special someone. This pattern would also make a pretty wedding present, especially if stitched in one of the wedding colors. Happy stitching!