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Be My Valentine Cross Stitch Card Tutorial

Because I don’t make a lot of Valentine cards these days, I like to create something really special for the few I need. This year I found a cross stitch pattern that is just perfect for a card. Be My Valentine, yet another freebie from Cyberstitchers, is small and simple, but darling. The color palette is lovely, and the design, though precious, stitches up in a couple of hours.

Be My Valentine Cross Stitch Pattern


  • Be My Valentine Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Blank Card and Envelope
  • Paper Frame
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue Dots

First, you’ll need to stitch the Be My Valentine pattern. I stitched mine on a small piece of 28 ct. cloth. The finished design is about 2 3/4 in. by 1 3/4 in.

Once you’ve stitched the pattern, you’ll need to trim it to fit your paper frame. I made my frame with my Slice Elite Cutter. This particular frame is from the Vintage Findings design card and is 4 in. If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine, I’m sure that you can find a suitable frame in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store. Trim your cloth a little bit larger than the inside of your frame. Tape the cross stitch piece to the back of the paper frame making sure to center it.

With your cross stitch piece framed, you need to adhere it to your blank card. I placed glue dots on the four back corners of the paper frame and centered it on my card.

Be My Valentine Cross Stitch Card

I adore my finished card. My colors aren’t so traditional for Valentine’s Day, but they are definitely on trend. Feel free to use pinks and reds if that appeals more to you. Whatever the color, anyone that receives this delightful, handmade card is sure to love it. Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!

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Dizzy with Love Cross Stitch Pattern

It has been far too long since I shared a cross stitch project. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I stitched up a precious freebie from Cyberstitchers titled Dizzy with Love. I chose this pattern because it isn’t your traditional type of cross stitch. It looks like a doodle you might draw. This is also a wonderful project if you need to practice French knots, as the hearts are stitched out of them.

Dizzy with Love Cross Stitch Pattern

The finished piece would be great framed. It’s also quick, easy, and small enough that you might consider making this pattern for a special Valentine’s day card. Happy cross stitching!

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Best Witches Cross Stitch Pattern

With fall come those chilly, rainy days when you can’t help but cuddle up in the house with a warm cup of tea and a good cross stitch project. Well, maybe you can find something more productive to do when you’re confined to the house, but what fun is that! I poked around on Cyberstitchers for free Halloween patterns and discovered several by my favorite contributor to their site, Barbara Ana. Here’s the good news: there’s a lot of overlap in the floss colors for each pattern. If you want to make all of them, shop for the one with the most colors, and you’ll be just about set to make all of them.

I started out with Barbara Ana’s Best Witches pattern. It is darling! I’m a sucker for anything with a black cat since it makes me think of my Kiko aka LulaBelle.

The pattern is simple enough to be finished in a weekend, and it involves a number of finishing stitches that will keep the intermediate stitcher interested. Although the pattern doesn’t specifically mention it, I inferred the circles to be french knots. Additionally, I stitched the broom details with straight stitches instead of back stitches.

I hope you like this pattern as much as me. I can’t wait to stitch up more of Barbara Ana’s Halloween designs! Happy stitching!!!