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Bottle Cap Flowers

For the longest time, we’ve saved bottle caps thinking they might come in handy one day. A large glass sits on my kitchen counter just for them. When I was doing dishes recently, the glass caught my eye and seemed to be challenging me to do something with the bottle caps. I’ve made earrings with them before, but a girl only needs so many bottle cap earrings.

When I started looking around on Pinterest for other crafts with bottle caps, I found a wreath tutorial from Shaken Together’s blog. She made a lovely, yarn wreath with bottle cap flower embellishments. Before I commit to making the wreath, I figured I should try out the bottle cap flowers to see if I like them. Big shock – I like them! Following her instructions, I assembled the flowers. I chose to turn them into magnets instead of adding them to a wreath. They are, after all, experiments. I want to look for prettier buttons if I decide to make the wreath later.

This craft rocks because it’s cheap and easy. Its upcycling factor is an added bonus. Try it out. I think you’ll like it.