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Bottle Cap Earrings

A few years ago at one of my favorite local festivals, I happened upon earrings made out of bottle caps. I had my hand on my wallet when Chad offered up one of his most used lines: “We can make those.” He tells me this all the time. While I don’t doubt our collective abilities, I know that finding the time to make all these things can be tricky. Nonetheless I listened to him that day and added bottle cap earrings to the ever-growing list of “things we can make.”

Fast forward to last year when our local brewing company Ghost River started bottling its delicious Golden Ale. Their bottle caps feature their haunting and beautiful logo – a spooky silver tree on a black background. I scored some at a concert and so moved bottle cap earrings to the top of the “we are making these” list.

For my earrings, Chad breaks out the power tools and drills a small hole in the top of each bottle cap. If you don’t have access to a drill or a Chad that does, check out this tutorial at a Beautiful Mess. They used an awl and hammer to make their holes. I then clean out the bottle caps with a cotton swab and alcohol before attaching jump rings and ear wires.

I’m lucky to have an in at Ghost River brewing. The head brewer is an old friend, so I made him a deal. If he could get me unused bottle caps, I promised to make his lady a pair of earrings. He came through big time, and my friends are now all sporting Ghost River earrings.

Once you start making these earrings, you might choose which beer to drink based solely off of its bottle cap! I know I do. Happy drinking, I mean jewelry making!!!

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Olympic Rings Magnet

Last week when I was making my Bottle Cap Flower Magnets, I was thinking about other ideas for our large collection of bottle caps. I should mention that I was also watching the Olympics – shocker! My brain took the next logical step, and I was soon creating an Olympic Rings Magnet made out of bottle caps. Now we have a memento from these Olympics and yet another magnet for our packed refrigerator door!


  • 5 Bottle Caps
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Magnet
  • E-6000 Adhesive

I first cleaned the insides of five bottles caps with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Then I painted the insides the colors of the Olympic Rings. Because I already had each of the five colors I needed, I used acrylic craft paints. Enamel paints or even nail polish would also work well. I gave them each two coats of paint. I then hot glued the bottle caps together in the correct color placement and added some extra glue to the backside for additional stability. Lastly I attached a magnet to the back with E-6000 and let it dry overnight. I suppose you could attach the magnet with hot glue, but I prefer the superior holding strength of E-6000. This project is easy enough to complete while watching an evening of Olympic competition. Plus the kids could definitely help out with the painting!

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Bottle Cap Flowers

For the longest time, we’ve saved bottle caps thinking they might come in handy one day. A large glass sits on my kitchen counter just for them. When I was doing dishes recently, the glass caught my eye and seemed to be challenging me to do something with the bottle caps. I’ve made earrings with them before, but a girl only needs so many bottle cap earrings.

When I started looking around on Pinterest for other crafts with bottle caps, I found a wreath tutorial from Shaken Together’s blog. She made a lovely, yarn wreath with bottle cap flower embellishments. Before I commit to making the wreath, I figured I should try out the bottle cap flowers to see if I like them. Big shock – I like them! Following her instructions, I assembled the flowers. I chose to turn them into magnets instead of adding them to a wreath. They are, after all, experiments. I want to look for prettier buttons if I decide to make the wreath later.

This craft rocks because it’s cheap and easy. Its upcycling factor is an added bonus. Try it out. I think you’ll like it.