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Painted Acorn Caps

After finishing my fall decor project from earlier in the week, I had acorns left over just begging to be used. I decided to stick with painting since my first attempts were so cute. Instead of keeping the acorns whole, I removed the caps and painted the insides only, leaving the tops natural. I again used acrylic craft paints, but I only gave a second coat to the orange acorn caps because they were the only ones that needed it.

I diverged from my earlier acorn painting technique again when it came to the sealing step. Previously I sprayed sealer onto my painted acorns. I had a ton of them to seal, so it was a great idea for that project. Because these were more delicate and I had fewer of them, I experimented with Mod Podge. The results are glossy and beautiful! The sheen from the Mod Podge adds some pizzazz that makes them look so special. One little, unfinished cap snuck into my photograph. It looks so dull next to the beautiful, shiny ones!

These lovely painted acorn caps will be a great addition to your fall decor. Display with them in a shallow bowl or a mason jar. I predict you’ll enjoy them so much that you’ll be back to acorn gathering in no time!


Painted Acorns Tutorial

I am so excited that fall is finally here! From fall foliage to pumpkin recipes to Halloween, this is hands down my favorite season of the year. Another thing that I love about fall is the proliferation of acorns. Their cuteness makes them special enough, but I also adore them because they are one of the symbols of my college alma mater.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been picking up acorns as I see them and storing them in an empty coffee can. This morning I opened said can in the hopes of making something fabulous with my stash only to find that water had somehow found its way in, leaving my acorns in a bad way. I am lucky to have a backyard flanked by two huge oak trees, so there is never a shortage of acorns to gather. Having found enough to satisfy my crafting needs, I decided to paint them in a variety of colors and use them as fall decor in my house.

This craft is simple enough that I can explain it without step by step photographs. Sorry if you were hoping for them!


  • Acorns
  • Wax Paper
  • Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Wax Paper
  • Clear Glossy Spray Sealer

Step One:

After gathering your acorns, rinse and dry them. This will remove any excess dirt and make any holes or cracks visible. You should return to nature any acorns that do have holes or crack, as they are not suitable for this project. Something has been likely been eating these acorns and might still be in there!

Step Two:

Next you’ll paint the nut portion of the acorn in your desired colors. I chose a mix of colors that appeal to me and blend in with my existing decor. Pick what you like. The painting is a little tedious because acorns are pretty dainty. I gave my acorns two coats of paint, but you could probably get away with one depending how well your colors cover the nuts. Let them dry on wax paper, one of my favorite supplies! Be sure to leave a few of the prettiest ones unpainted.

Step Three:

Once your painted acorns are dry, move them and your unpainted ones to a well-ventilated area. I like outside, but a garage would work fine, too. Give them a coat of glossy clear sealer, and let them dry completely.

Step Four:

Decorate away! Mine are in a crystal candy dish. They would also be pretty in a vase. You might consider displaying them in a mason jar if you need to keep them safe from little fingers or furry paws.

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