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5 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello Amanda,

    I hope you’re doing amazing on this fall Friday! 🙂 We actually attended grad school together at Oregon State University (you may recall) and when I saw on Facebook that you have a handicrafts blog, I loved it! I actually do too, and I think it’s so fun that we were in the same small program in Oregon and both are blogging in the DIY realm now. Small world, obviously! Anyway, I’ve been reading your posts for awhile now and had the thought that I should let you know how much I’m enjoying them.

    Have a great day,

    Dani @ Painting Sunny

  2. Clair Ellinor says:

    I am in the UK and work with Girl Guides. We are putting together a collection of ideas and would like to use a picture of some bracelets from your site. We have credited to you and said that you have more ideas. If it is ok for us to include the picture and a link to you?

  3. Clair Ellinor says:

    So pleased that is ok. I will send it to you – just seen your email – so you can double check! Thank you so much for saying yes!

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