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Scalloped Heart Earrings

I must have jewelry and accessories for every holiday. I am that girl in the office. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have some sweet Scalloped Heart Earrings to share.

Scalloped Heart Earrings

I made these earrings out of Martha Stewart scrapbook paper from a Valentine’s Day mat pad. Many of Martha’s papers are double-sided, which is great for earrings. This allows them to be as beautiful from the front as the back. I cut the scalloped hearts with my Slice Elite, but you can use a paper punch if you don’t have access to an electronic cutter. To get more information about the techniques I used to make these so shiny and bright, check out of my Paper Earrings Tutorial.

After I got my hearts finished, I decided to fancy these earrings up a bit by adding beads in a coordinating color. This does require some jewelry-making skills, so feel to omit the beads if you wish.

Scalloped Heart Earrings (2)

I am so pleased with the way these earrings turned out that I intend to wear them year round. They are just too cute to reserve for only a couple of weeks out of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!


L.O.V.E. Magnet Tutorial

Any time I’m in a thrift store or at a yard sale, I look for board games. I collect them, so that’s my primary motivation. I also like to repurpose board game pieces, especially Scrabble tiles. It just feels wrong to buy a brand new Scrabble for a reason other than playing it. If I find a used one for $3 or under, I’m buying it.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I made a L.O.V.E. magnet out of Scrabble tiles.

LOVE Magnet


  • L, O, V, E Scrabble Tiles
  • Amazing Goop Craft Glue
  • Toothpick
  • Magnet

Step One:

Glue your Scrabble tiles together. For small projects like this, I use a toothpick to apply my Amazing Goop. I glued the L and O together first and then the V and E to each other. I then joined the two set of letters and left the adhesive to cure overnight.

Step Two:

Glue a magnet to the back of the tiles. This is when you might need to exercise some patience. It is important to let the adhesive cure for at least 48 hrs. Otherwise you’ll have a crafting catastrophe on your hands when you place the magnet on your refrigerator. The magnet will be stuck to the fridge while your lovely craft lies on the floor.

Step Three:

Find the perfect place to display your magnet.


This project is super easy to put together, but it does require some time for the adhesive to cure. If you’re hoping to gift this for Valentine’s Day, get started this weekend, and you’ll be in good shape for this Thursday. Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!

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Lock & Key Jewelry

While I was out shopping for supplies for Valentine’s Day decorations, I stopped by the jewelry department in the craft store. I figured since I was already in the store it wouldn’t hurt to take a peak. Apparently it was my lucky day because my favorite Hobby Lobby jewelry collection – Explorer by Traditions – was on sale for 50% off. This collection features funky charms and found object pieces that always inspire me.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I picked up some lock and key charms. Each pack of these contains 12 pieces in assorted colors, and they retail for only $2.99! It’s almost too good to be true when you can get them on sale. As I paid for them, I was already envisioning the jewelry they would become.

I searched through my beading stash for chains to make a necklace. Luckily I had a copper chain that matched the lock and key charms. First, I attached a lobster claw to one end of the chain and a jump ring to the other. I then slipped both a lock and key charm onto another jump ring and attached it to the chain. It took me longer to get out my supplies than to make the actual necklace! In under 5 mins., I had a cute, little Valentine’s necklace.

Lock and Key Necklace

Since I have an earring addiction, I just had to make a pair with these charms. I decided to go a little funky and make the pair out of one lock and one key. I simply slipped them onto matching earring wires. Again, this was super easy.

Lock and Key Earrings

Both of these jewelry projects are quick and easy, so they are perfect for doing while the little ones are napping.  I also think they are versatile enough to be worn year round. You can certainly expect to see me sporting these darling earrings any time I feel like it! Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!

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