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Cleaning Classico Jars

I’d like to tell you that I only serve homemade sauce the way my grandmother used to make it at my house, but that would be an out and out lie. When you work full-time, it’s unrealistic to expect that you can cook everything from scratch. I like to keep at least one jar of sauce and a box of pasta in my pantry at all times for quick, weeknight dinners.

Lately my pasta sauce of choice has been Classico. Take a look at one of these jars without its label on, and you’ll understand why I’m a big fan. Underneath the label lives a beautiful Atlas Mason jar, and I think you already know how I feel about a mason jar. Classico’s website clearly states that you should not reuse their jars for canning, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a second life as something decorative.

The only impediment to repurposing these gorgeous jars is getting all the adhesive and its residue off. I’ve experimented with several different methods and products. The quickest, cheapest way I’ve found to get all the gunk off the jar requires supplies that you probably already have: warm water, a steel scouring pad, and some elbow grease.

Classico Jars before Scouring

Step One:

Consume the pasta sauce. Duh.

Step Two:

Thoroughly clean the jar. I also like to swirl some vinegar around in it to make sure that I get all of the food smell out of the jar.

Step Three:

Peel off as much of the paper label as you can. This is easier if you do it right after you clean the jar before drying it.

Step Four:

Soak the jar in warm water for about 10 mins. to get the adhesive loosened up.

Step Five:

Scrub the adhesive and residue with a steel scouring pad. You can also remove the printed expiration date with the scouring pad.

Step Six:

Rinse and dry the jar.

Cleaned Classico Jars

I hope this tutorial inspires you to think twice before putting jars into the recycling bin. Just in case you need some ideas of what to do with your repurposed jars, check out my Mason Jar Craftiness board on Pinterest. Happy repurposed crafting!

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Blue Mason Jars

As much as I’ve tried to break away from the mason jar craze, I just can’t seem to do it. There is something about these glass lovelies that is so appealing and irrestible. I’m forever finding new uses and ideas for crafting with them on Pinterest. Many of the popular pins floating around provide techniques for tinting mason jars blue to give them that old-timey, vintage look.

Until I get around to tinting jars myself, I’ve found a way to have blue mason jars without having to spend a fortune on them in a resale shop. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the mason jar, Ball is producing a heritage collection of limited edition blue mason jars. These pint-sized jars come in packs of six and are suitable for canning. I doubt that I’ll be using mine for canning, but it’s nice to know that they are more than just decorative.

Ball’s Heritage Collection Blue Mason Jars

You can buy them online from Ball’s Fresh Preserving Store. I was all set to order mine when I happened to notice them in Target’s online weekly ad, and they were on sale! Not only did I get a better price, I didn’t have to pay shipping. Check your local Target first, and hopefully you’ll get lucky, too. Happy mason jar shopping!

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Confessions of a Crafting Shopaholic

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a crafting slump. Since Christmas I’ve found myself creating less and less, but I’ve still been finding and buying supplies. The result is a messy and overflowing table in my craft room. Every time I consider starting a project, the sight of the table and the attention it needs stops me. This morning I set out to clear off the craft table and wound up doing some much-needed spring cleaning and organizing of the whole room.

I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ll fess up anyway – I found supplies that I had totally forgotten about. Not cool. Here are some examples:

  • 1 Bunch of Tan Suede String
  • 2 Packages of Small Hexnuts
  • 3 Altoid Tins
  • 4 Classico Sauce Jars
  • 8 Colors of Pastel Glitter
  • 24 Small Paper Mache Eggs

I couldn’t help but be inspired while looking through all of these lovely treasures. With my stockpile of crafting supplies organized, I made a list of crafts that I had either begun or planned to make out of them. I am by nature a list maker, and I feel more accountable for doing things if I have actually written them down. I also thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of crossing completed items off the list. This inspiration list will hopefully act as my crafting conscience. For example, I’ve been wanting to experiment with tinting mason jars, which is why I’ve been saving my Classico sauce jars. When next I have some free time, I might peruse my list of crafts and pick that project to try instead of heading to the craft store to search for something new.

The moral of this story is not that you should stop shopping for new and cool supplies, but rather that you should actually do something with the ones you already have. Otherwise people might accuse you of being a crafting hoarder! Plus you won’t feel so guilty about buying new things if you’ve used up what you already have. Happy spring cleaning!

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