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Halloween Dinner Traditions

on October 27, 2013

When I think about family holidays, the food is usually the first thing that comes to mind. My mother’s family has food traditions for every holiday, even Halloween. My grandmother always made chili. One reason I think that she liked serving chili for Halloween is that it’s easy. When you’re busy trying to get eight kids dressed for trick-or-treating, you can’t be hassling with a dinner that needs constant attention. My grandmother could get the chili started while the kids were still at school so that she could focus on getting them, not dinner, ready once they got home. Chili was also a good choice for them because they lived in a part of the country that is generally chilly (pun intended!) on Halloween. Having a warm, hearty dinner before hitting the sidewalks is important if it’s a cold night. Because my grandmother always made it, you’ll find chili bubbling on the stovetop of most of my aunts’ and uncles’ houses on Halloween.

As much as I love family traditions, I also think that it’s important to create some of your own. I always serve Mummy Dogs for Halloween. If you’ve never heard of them, check out this recipe from Pillsbury.


Pillsbury Crescent Mummy Dogs


All you need are hot dogs, crescent rolls, mustard, and cheese (which I don’t always include) for this easy, cheap, and fun dinner. Think of them as Halloween-themed and dinner-sized Pigs in a Blanket. Sounds yummy, huh? I usually serve my Mummy Dogs with a cup of tomato soup, especially when it’s cool out.

Whether you’re making a dinner passed down from generation to generation or trying something new this year, don’t forget about Halloween dinner. Maybe the kids won’t eat so much candy if they start the night with a full belly. Who am I trying to kid? They’re still going to eat loads of candy, but at least you’ll know that they had some real food, too. Happy Halloween!


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