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DIY Fall Wreath with Martha Stewart Paper

on September 8, 2013

While I was at the craft store last weekend, I happened across Martha Stewart’s Halloween crafting line. She has really outdone herself this year, mainly because black cats are everywhere! You might have noticed that my Kiko aka LulaBelle is a beautiful, black kitty. I adore all things black cat-related because of her. Needless to say, I bought the Animal Masquerade paper pad.

Animal Masquerade Paper Pad

I fully intended to make a Halloween wreath with this paper until I remembered that my fall wreath ain’t that great. There is a beautiful paper in this pad full of fall foliage and acorns that was just begging to be made into a wreath. Fear not. I am confident that I will have several more projects to come featuring the other papers. I did after all buy it because of the black cats!


Step One:

Paint your wreath form in a color that coordinates with your paper. I used Martha Stewart Crafts’ Multi-Surface Metallic in Rust. You’ll only need to paint one side and the edges because the other side will be covered with your fall paper. My wreath needed two coats for good coverage.

Step One

Here’s two of my favorite tips for working with craft paint. Use a clean yogurt container to hold your paint, and cover it with Glad Press ‘n Seal to keep your paint wet in between coats.

Painting Tips

Step Two:

With a foam brush, cover the unpainted side of your wreath with a generous layer of Mod Podge.

Step Two

Then place your paper on top, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles while pressing all of the paper firmly onto the wreath form. Let it dry.

Step Three:

Flip your paper-covered wreath form over, and cut away the excess paper using an Exacto knife.

Step Three

Try to get as close to the edges of the wreath form as possible.

Step Three B

As always, use your Exacto knife on an appropriate surface to avoid cutting up your table or counter top. Hang onto your paper scraps, especially the large circle you removed from the center of the wreath form. You can surely find something to do with paper this pretty, regardless of the shape or size.

Step Four (optional):

I didn’t particularly care for the write edges around my wreath where the paper had been cut. I used a brown ink pad to tap around all of the edges to give it a more finished look.

Step Four

My square ink pad didn’t liked the curves of the inside of the wreath, so I switched to a rectangular one. It worked much better. If you do this step, make sure to let the ink dry completely. Otherwise your hands will be covered in it while you finish up the wreath.

Step Five:

One of the great things about the wooden wreath form that used for this project are the holes in it. To attach the twine that would serve to hang my wreath, I flipped it over and pierced the paper through the hole that was closest to top and center of the wreath. I found it easier to thread the twine through the hole by using one of my large-eyed knitting needles.

Step Five

You may be luckier than me and not to use a needle. I then tied the twine in a square knot around the wreath and also at the ends of the twine to create a loop for hanging.

Step Six (optional):

The wreath is certainly lovely and ready for hanging at this point, but a little embellishment never hurt any craft. I made a mini bunting with some of my leftover paper scraps.

Step Six

You could also attach glitter letters to spell a word of your choosing. Another option might be adding beautiful fall leaves. You could even make an acorn out of felt, and it would be precious. When it comes to embellishing a project, do what you like and make it your own.

Fall Wreath

Happy fall crafting!


2 responses to “DIY Fall Wreath with Martha Stewart Paper

  1. I love your wreath. Your directions are very clear. I have started a holiday blog and I made a vintage halloween pumpkin candy container! I hope I can get my blog to your level. Thanks again for the good read. cindy

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