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Alcohol Ink Candles

on August 31, 2013

At Christmastime, I was so excited about my gift to myself: 6 bright colors of Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I made some really cool stuff that I shared (Alcohol Ink OrnamentInk Splatter Coasters, and Alcohol Ink Votive Holders), but I then tucked my inks away into a box in my craft room. There they have sat just waiting for me to find the right project to pull them out and have some fun. Browsing my Ink Craftiness Board on Pinterest, I found the perfect project – alcohol ink candles.

I watched a how-to video from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames before I went shopping for my candles. They used pillar candles, and I intended to buy some, really I did. When I got to the craft store, I found round, orb-shaped candles and had to have them. I find them to be much more interesting than pillars. What I didn’t consider at the time was the difficulty of covering of all those lovely curves with ink…

Before you get started dying your candles, make sure to cover your work surface with something non-porous and disposable or cleanable. I luckily own an Inkssentials Non-Stick Craft Mat. If you do not, I recommend wax paper. You’ll also want to wear gloves unless you have the type of job where you can show up with multicolored fingers and not getting funny looks.

Back to all those curves on the orb candles. The Ben Franklin video instructs you to apply a line of ink to your craft mat and then roll the candle around over it for maximum coverage. That is a little hard to do with a sphere and definitely messier. Be patient, and wear gloves! With my base coat applied, I added drops of other colored inks directly onto the candle and allowed them to drip down the sides. I then spritzed it with my cheap skate version of Alcohol Blending Solution, aka rubbing alcohol, and allowed the candle to dry.

Cool Colors Warm Colors

After I made a couple of candles this way, I decided to experiment with my last one. I covered the candle with rubbing alcohol first. I then applied drops of ink to the candle. The resulting effect looks almost like tie-dye to me because lots of the white remains. I’m calling this experiment a success.

The Experiment

These candles make great gifts because they are fairly easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and unique. If you are looking for something that will wow the receiver, I definitely recommend them. Happy alcohol ink crafting!

Alcohol Ink Candles


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