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Cutting Board Tablet Holder

on July 6, 2013

When I first got my Kindle Fire, I swore that I would never use it in the kitchen. I was too worried that it would get wet, or I would spill something on it. My resolve didn’t last long. Listening to Pandora while doing the dishes makes my least favorite chore a little more tolerable. Referencing a recipe on the Kindle is way easier than doing it on the computer.

Once I succumbed to having it in the kitchen, I started looking for a cute, DIY tablet stand or holder. I found Mamie Jane’s Kitchen Tablet Holder on Pinterest and immediately knew it was the one. The supplies are fairly minimal, so much so that we already had them at our house. I showed the pin to Chad and came home from work one day to a completed holder waiting for me. I know. He’s a keeper!

Cutting Board Tablet Holder

For Chad’s version, you will need an old cutting board, Scrabble tile holder, wooden wedge, wood glue, nails, hammer, spray paint, sandpaper, and clear sealer. You’ll notice that Chad deviated a little from Mamie Jane’s supply list. When he adhered the wooden wedge to the back with wood glue, Chad was concerned that it would not be strong enough, so he decided to make it sturdier with a couple of penny nails.

Nails in the Wooden Wedge

Other than that, Chad basically followed Mamie Jane’s instructions with the obvious exception of the color. If you know me at all, you won’t be surprised that Chad choose to paint it a bright color as opposed to white.

Assuring me that the holder was really easy to make, Chad is now on the hunt for more, old cutting boards at the thrift store so that he can make them for our moms. We’ll customize the holders to match their kitchens and have considered painting designs on them. Be sure to check back for pictures of our future creations. Happy repurposed crafting!


One response to “Cutting Board Tablet Holder

  1. Super ingenious! Love Love Love this idea!

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