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Wooden Crate Shelves

on June 23, 2013

I can’t remember how, when, or why it started, but we have amassed a small collection of wooden crates. One came from a thrift store. Another from an estate sale. We had been using them for storage throughout the house when we had a need for more shelves in our living room.

LulaBelle aka Kiko is the type of cat that Jackson Galaxy of My Cat from Hell fame would deem an up-dweller. She’s happiest when she can climb to the highest point around. If she’s outside, you can often find Kiko up the tallest tree. She would love to be an outside cat, but for a variety of reasons she is not. We have to find ways to entertain/placate her inside the house. Our best tactic has been adding cat perches to a couple of windows and shelves around others.

When we found Kiko trying to scale our entertainment center (which is really just an old, revamped dining room hutch), we knew we had to figure something out for our living room. Otherwise the electronics were going to wind up broken on the floor. This is when Chad had the epiphany to mount some of our wooden crates to the wall next to the entertainment center. To attach the crates to the wall, Chad used plastic, expansion anchors and screws.

Wooden Crate Shelves

He placed them on the wall in a way that resembles steps, so the cats can jump from one to the other until they reach the top of the entertainment center. It’s not uncommon to find a kitty napping up there now.

Wooden Crate Shelves

I recognize this might not be everyone’s cup of tea – encouraging the cats to climb the furniture, but the concept of repurposing items into shelving should appeal to many of you. It’s a great way for us to display the wooden crates and make them a focal feature in our house. They are certainly more interesting than the generic shelving you’ll find at the hardware store. If you aren’t able to quickly come across old, wooden crates, you could certainly buy new ones and paint or customize them to your liking. Happy repurposing crafting!


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