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Drab to Fab Corner Shelf

on June 15, 2013

Our house contains an abundance of hand-me-down furniture. When my other half’s family are looking to unload old pieces, they tend to end up with us. We always appreciate the gesture, but we often have to figure out ways to make the furniture fit our style.

A perfect example is a ’70s spindled, corner shelf. You probably know the kind I’m talking about. I think everyone’s parents or grandparents had similar shelves at one time or another. They aren’t particularly attractive or generally that well-made. Ours is constructed of particle board and wood laminate.

Last week we decided to rearrange some of our furniture, and the corner shelf got added to the mix. I’ve never really liked it and have even considered sneaking it out of the house. Since we were going to have to take everything off of the shelf to move it, I suggested that we revamp it. I had painting in mind and voted for a bright color.

Chad loves a painting project, so I wasn’t surprised to come home one day and find him spraying the shelf a beautiful shade of yellow. When I asked him what he did to prep the shelf for painting, he told me that he only cleaned it. He had considering sanding the shelf until he realized that it wasn’t really wood. Chad figured that we could donate the shelf to Goodwill if we didn’t like the finished product.

Two cans of Rust-oleum American Accents Ultra Cover in Glossy Sun Yellow later, we had ourselves a much more attractive shelf. Instead of looking drab and dated, the shelf now looks bright and kitschy.

Painted Corner Shelf Closeup

I’ve watched enough home improvement television over the years to know that every space needs a pop of color. Now our hallway has one.

Painted Corner Shelf

The next time you’re meandering through a yard sale or being offered someone’s old table, look at the furniture’s potential, not just its current state. With a little bit of paint, that ugly chair might end up your favorite thing in your house!


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