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May Flowers Wreath Tutorial

on May 19, 2013

Back in March, I read about a Heidi Grace Pin It and Win It giveaway on the Colorbok blog. They were promoting her latest scrapbooking collections: Cartwheel and Sunshowers. Immediately falling in love with the Cartwheel collection, I rushed to pin it in the hopes of winning the prize package, but I was not the lucky winner.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across items from the Cartwheel collection in the scrapbooking section at Jo-Ann’s the following month. I have more scrapbook paper than I realistically know what do with it, so I gravitated towards the embellishments. I first found a kit to make adorable fabric flowers and instantly knew they would be a wonderful focal point on a wreath. I then picked up a couple of adhesive accents, also from the Cartwheel collection, just in case I might need them. What I didn’t know then but do now is that Jo-Ann’s is selling both collections exclusively for Colorbok. If you’re looking to buy some of the specific materials I used, head to Jo-Ann’s. I might have to go back to pick up more because I like them that much!

Keep reading to learn how I made my May Flowers Wreath featuring products from the Heidi Grace Cartwheel collection.

May Flowers Wreath Closeup


  • Wreath Form
  • Jute
  • Tape
  • Amazing Goop
  • Scissors
  • Heidi Grace Cartwheel Fabric Flowers
  • Heidi Grace Cartwheel Chipboard Buttons
  • 3/8 in. Satin Ribbon


Step One: Create your fabric flowers with the pieces included in the Cartwheel kit. Play with the pieces until you’ve designed something you really like. Buttons are included with the kit, but I also looked through my personal button stash for larger ones.

Fabric Flowers

I glued my flowers together with Amazing Goop, which takes time to form a permanent bond. While the Amazing Goop is curing, continue with Step Two.

Step Two: Wrap your wreath form with jute. Although I’ve written it before, it is worth mentioning again that you should consider buying jute from the hardware store because it’s cheaper than getting it at the craft store. I like to tack down the jute to the wreath form with a piece of scotch tape before I begin wrapping it.

Tacking the Jute

Make sure to keep your twine tight and close together as you wrap to ensure maximum coverage of the wreath form.

Wrapping with Jute

Once you wrapped around to your starting point, cut the jute with scissors and glue it to the wreath form with Amazing Goop.

Step Three: Adhere your fabric flowers to the jute-covered wreath with Amazing Goop. I prefer it to hot glue for this project for a couple of reasons. Amazing Goop likes both fabric and jute, so I can be confident that it will hold them together. Additionally it forms a stronger bond than hot glue, which is important for a craft that will be hanging in a location like my front entryway that can get quite warm during the spring and summer months.

Attaching the Flowers to the Wreath

You might notice that my fabric flowers look a little different that my earlier photo of them. I decided to add some of the leaf pieces that came with the kit for some additional color, and I chose not to use one of the flowers because I didn’t think the wreath needed it. I initially planned to stop here, but the wreath looked a little bare. Luckily I had bought other Cartwheel collection embellishments, so I got them out and added some very cute chipboard buttons.

Cartwheel Chipboard Buttons

Step Four: Cut a piece of ribbon about 2ft. long. Using a square knot, tie the ribbon around the top of the wreath. Then make a bow with the ribbon, leaving excess between it and the wreath so that you form a loop. Even out of the loops of your bow, and cut the ends of the ribbon to make them even. Hang the wreath in a place of your choosing and enjoy!

May Flowers Wreath

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the process of this craft that began with reading a blog post and ended with a beautiful, new wreath for my front door. Happy wreath crafting!


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