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Ink Splatter Coasters

on March 2, 2013

For Christmas, I treated myself to a craft product I’ve been wanting for ages – alcohol ink. I’m still in the early stages of experimenting with my six different Adirondack Bright Alcohol Inks. Previously I made a couple of beautiful glass ornaments.

For my next project, I chose to make coasters. Those of you that have visited the blog before have probably come across my other posts about coasters. They are wonderful gifts. I also like making coasters because they are  inexpensive. If this project turned out horrible (which it luckily did not!), I was only going to be out about $.70.

The 52 Weeks Project has a great tutorial with lots of pictures for Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters. The tutorial assures you that you can’t really mess these up and even gives you a tip on how to correct any “mistakes” you might make.

My coasters may look a tad different than the tutorial. After applying a few drops of my base colors, I actually picked up the coaster and moved it around so that the colors would swirl and cover more area. I will warn you that this resulted in alcohol ink on my fingers, so I don’t recommend that you let the little ones do it. I then added drops on top of the base colors and allowed them to spread on their own.

Ink Splatter Coasters

I thoroughly enjoyed making these coasters mainly because the process was fun to watch. Chemistry was always my favorite science in school because reactions fascinated me. They still do. Each new drop of ink resulted in a chemical reaction that altered the look of the coaster.

Ink Splatter Coasters 2

I certainly recommend this project for anyone new to crafting with alcohol inks. Not only is the skill level beginner, but the cost of the project (minus the alcohol inks) is fairly low. I am sure that I will be making more of these coasters, especially as I continue to add new colors to my collection. Happy alcohol ink crafting!


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