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Upcycled Record Bowls

on February 23, 2013

Lately I’ve been really into repurposing and upcycling items. I blame Pinterest! Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting old vinyl because there are so many things I want to make out of records. Fear not. I’m not intending to destroy any useable vinyl. That is on par with cutting up a perfectly good book just to make a craft. Instead I’m giving new uses to scratched records that would otherwise end up in a dumpster somewhere.

While cleaning house this morning, I realized how many records I’ve amassed and put into a pile in the corner. I decided it was time to peruse my Record Craftiness board on Pinterest and start making things with all these records. Years ago I coveted bowls made out of records in an Uncommon Goods catalog. Luckily I have a pin from Stars for Streetlights that details how to make them yourself. She was inspired by one of my favorites, Mark Montano. It was a total no-brainer that I had to try these bowls.

My first attempt was with a standard 12 in. record. Well, maybe not so standard – it was a rap single. We are who we are. I learned with it not to walk away from the oven. Vinyl warps quickly at 350 degrees. Keep a close eye on it because it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 mins.

Upcycled Record Bowl

Confident in the technique, I moved onto brightly colored records that I rescued from the trash a couple of months ago. Working at a music store has its perks! Bowls were exactly what I had in mind when I found them. I haven’t seen many crafts made out of colorful records, presumably because they are harder to find. If you do come across some, make sure to snag them.

Colorful Record Bowls

These bowls were so quick and easy to make that I can’t believe I waited so long to try them. I can see myself making many more of these to gift at Christmastime. Happy upcycled crafting!


4 responses to “Upcycled Record Bowls

  1. I make record bowls for gifts and also sell them at craft shows in NJ and they usually are quite popular. I also do LP clocks. The key always seems to be the title or the artist. When someone finds a group or artist that they love, they get excited. Like you, I also only use vinyl that is scratched enough to not play well. A coworker wanted to give me her father’s Grateful Dead album to melt into a bowl, but it was in great condition. I told her that not only wouldher father NOT like the gift, but that her would never forgive her! Scratch up vinyl is really alot of fun….good luck with your adventures.

  2. Clocks are next on my list of vinyl creations! I’ve been saving a copy of Band on the Run that I scored for just that reason.

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