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Icicle Earrings

on January 12, 2013

Several years ago, I received a bag of hand-me-down ornaments that contained a ton of beautiful icicles. I really do intend to make something fabulous with them one day or to at least have a snow-themed Christmas tree covered in these icicles. Until that day comes, I’ve decided to ease my guilt by making a pair of earrings with them.

Icicle Earrings

My icicles are plastic and about 4 in. long. Although I didn’t buy them, I’m confident that you can find similar ones at the craft or dollar store. You might even get a good deal since they’re likely part of a holiday collection.

Because these icicles were intended to be hung, they have a hole at the top that I slipped a jump ring into. I then attached the jump ring to a pair of earring wires. In under 5 minutes, I created a pair of seasonal, statement earrings that I can’t wait to wear!

These earrings are yet another example of jewelry made with non-conventional materials. Like I always say, you can make earrings out of anything with a hole. Happy repurposing crafting!


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