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Chunky I-Cord Necklace

on December 30, 2012

Now that the weather is finally cold and the holidays are almost over, all I want to do is drink tea and knit. I must admit that I am a bit of a yarn shopaholic. My yarn basket is overflowing right now, so I figure I should use some of what I already have. Plus it will make feel less guilty about buying new yarn!

To get back into the knitting groove, I rifled through some of my leftover yarn and found a good bit of one of my favorites – Lion Brand’s Homespun in Fiesta. I love this yarn because the color palette and variations are just beautiful. Since I already have a scarf (or two!) and a hat made out of it, I decided to experiment and make an I-Cord Necklace.

You might remember the Wool I-Cord Bangle I made last fall. The technique is exactly the same, but the resulting I-Cord is chunkier and funkier with Homespun yarn. Before I knew it, I had an I-Cord about 6 ft. long. Yes, I know that seems really long. I mentioned previously my love of the color variations in the Fiesta yarn, so I wanted to capture all of them in my necklace. A longer length also makes it more versatile since you can choose your length depending on your mood and outfit.

Chunky I-Cord Necklace in Fiesta Homespun

I consider this knitting experiment a success, so much so that I’ve already made another necklace out of more leftover Homespun yarn, this time in Corinthian. For this necklace, I left the length shorter. I only made the I-Cord long enough to easily fit over my head.

Chunky I-Cord Necklace in Corinthian Homespun

I hope this inspires you to come up with creative uses for your leftover yarn. Happy knitting!


3 responses to “Chunky I-Cord Necklace

  1. paulineos says:

    A great way to showcase every last metre of luxury yarn!

  2. angiecarr79 says:

    I love the Homespun yarn.

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