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Sequin Ornaments

on December 22, 2012

With the kids out of school and relatives in town for the holidays, making a Christmas craft is a great way to keep everyone occupied. I’ve always liked crafting with others. Doing this with family will invariably lead to the telling of old stories, one of my favorite things about spending time with relatives.

One craft with a low skill level yet spectacular results is a sequin ornament. I know. You’re thinking that they’re old-fashioned. I thought that, too, until I figured out a way to update and modernize them. Pick bright, trendy colors of sequins and seed beads, and you’ll definitely change your opinion. The finished product is so sparkly and has so much impact you might get addicted to making them!

Sequin Ornament

When you go shopping for supplies, you’ll have two options. You can buy a kit with all the supplies and instructions included. They generally make about 10 ornaments. This is great if you’re looking to cut some time off your shopping trip. The major downside to these kits is that they provide you with very traditional colors.

Because I wanted to pick funky colors, I bought a variety of individual sequin packets. I also picked up styrofoam balls. Make sure to look for the smooth ones. The pins will stay in place much better. If you can’t find them in your local craft store, buy them from Smoothfoam. I luckily already had a bunch of seed beads in a ton of colors. If you don’t, buy some in colors that coordinate with your sequins. I suggest getting some that are foil-lined to maximize the shiny factor. Pick up some ribbon or cording for hanging your ornaments as well as some glue. Lastly you’ll need sequin pins. These are usually located next to the sequins in the craft store. If you can’t find them there, try the sewing notions aisle.

With all your supplies purchased, you’ll just need to set up. HGTV has a wonderful slideshow of ornament making party ideas. Make some hot chocolate and crank up the holiday music, and you’re ready to go.

To make the ornaments, simply place a seed bead on a sequin pin, then insert the pin through the sequin, and attach it to the styrofoam ball. I like to place the sequins with the edges curving away from the styrofoam ball because it adds dimension to the ornaments, but placing them the other way is fine as well. Make sure to overlap the sequins so that the styrofoam doesn’t peek through. Your design options are only as limited as your imagination.

Once the entire ball except for one last sequin is covered, cut a length of ribbon or cording about 4 in. long. Fold it in half and insert it into the ball. I use a sharp pencil to poke a larger hole in the styrofoam and then insert my cording. Secure it with glue. Low temp or styrofoam-specific hot glue works well. I’ve also used Amazing QuickHold glue. Be sure to only use a small amount and do it for the kids if you use this. Attach your last sequin over the top of the ribbon or cording, and you’re all done.

Sequin Ornament (2)

I’m sure this will be one craft that will keep crafters of all ages occupied. It generally takes me a couple of hours to complete a small one. If you’re alone that might seem like a long time. When you’re spending time with the folks you love, the times flies. Be sure to have the camera ready to capture all the memories you’ll be making. Happy holiday crafting!

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