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Recycled Yarn Ornaments

on December 16, 2012

Each year I like to make at least one new ornament. Thanks to Pinterest, I want to make oodles of them this year because I’ve been collecting ideas on my Ornament Craftiness board. I’ve finally narrowed down my projects to the few I absolutely have to try. One I knew I had to give a go was a Yarn Christmas Ball from Likainen Parketti. Don’t be alarmed when you go the blog and find a language other than English. Not only are there great pictures detailing the steps of the project, but there is also an English translation provided.

When I was gathering my supplies to make these ornaments, I had a crafting epiphany. I certainly have styrofoam balls that I can wrap with yarn, but I also have something even better – ornaments that haven’t made the cut for the Christmas tree in many moons. In particular, I have some plastic, glittered balls that I haven’t used in ages. They have lost a lot of their glitter, and they don’t match the color scheme I’ve been doing the last few years. As an added bonus, they already have a cap and hanger. I immediately decided to give these ornaments new life. For my own personal taste, I chose to cover them with thick yarns because I knew that I would get better coverage. Plus I prefer their look, and I have lots of little remnants in my yarn stash. As for the adhesive, I’m not sure what kind of glue she used, but I subbed in my favorite – Elmer’s school glue.

Recycled Yarn Ornaments

These have to be some of the easiest and quickest ornaments that I’ve ever made, and the finished product is darling. I know that I will be enjoying these for many years to come. Happy holiday crafting!


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