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Jute Pumpkin Tutorial

on November 12, 2012

Last month I tried in vain to decoupage scrapbook and then tissue paper onto foam pumpkins I picked up at the dollar store. Everyone else was doing it on Pinterest and making it look so easy.  Not liking the results of either, I then decided to wrap my pumpkins and thereby hide my failed attempts. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right?

My “Glitter” Pumpkin Tutorial will show you how I wrapped one pumpkin with eyelash yarn. For my other pumpkin, I wanted to do something less Halloweeny and more fall, so I chose to cover it with jute. You’ve probably seen several other versions of this, but I differentiated mine by covering it vertically. In my opinion, the finished product is visually interesting and looks expensive.

I think you know by now that I am into providing crafting realness about my projects. This one is messy and takes a good deal of time. The good news is you still have plenty of time before Thanksgiving to whip up some of these to add to your decor!


  • Artificial Pumpkin (I used a medium-sized, foam one from the dollar store)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue (one pumpkin used almost an entire bottle)
  • Natural-Colored Jute (buy this at the hardware store – it’s much cheaper than the craft store, and you will have more size options!)
  • Green Jute (see above)

Step One:

To cover the pumpkins vertically, you will need a gagillion pieces of jute. I measured from the base of the stem to the center of the bottom to figure out how long my pieces needed to be. For my pumpkin, that was 7in.

Step Two:

Here comes the messy part! A pumpkin has natural ridges and valleys. I chose to approach each ridge as a separate section. Starting in either valley, I worked from the outside in switching from left to right with each piece of jute. To attach each piece to the pumpkin, I applied a line of glue onto my pumpkin before placing it.

The top and bottom have smaller surface area than the sides of the pumpkin, so I had to get creative with the jute. I criss-crossed the pieces, meaning that I attached them to the opposite side from where they started.

I placed each new piece to the outside of the one before it on that side. In doing so, I created a fishtail look at the top and bottom. The pictures explain it better than words!

I made sure that each piece of jute was close together to avoid my ugly, tissue paper job from showing through the finished product. I promise you that your fingers will get very messy! Luckily Elmer’s comes off easily. Don’t fret if you see a lot of white glue. Again since this is Elmer’s it will dry clear. If your pumpkin gets too tacky to work with, leave it alone for a few hours to dry. When you make it the whole way around the pumpkin, it should look something like this.

Step Three:

All these pieces of jute don’t make for a very pretty bottom for your pumpkin.

To fix this, I attached jute with glue in a spiral pattern.

Once all the stray ends were covered by my spiral, I snipped the end of my jute and left it to dry for several hours.

Step Four:

The unfinished top of my pumpkin was no prettier than the bottom.

To make my stem, I coiled green jute around the top of the pumpkin. I left a long tail to create the illusion of vine and began making a spiral starting in the center of the top and working outwards.

Like the bottom, I stopped once all my stray ends of jute were covered.


One response to “Jute Pumpkin Tutorial

  1. What a great result! I have so much twine and jute in my house that I am convinced I forgot what it’s like to wrap with regular ribbon. This is a great rustic looking pumpkin!

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