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45 Adapter Earrings

on November 3, 2012

When I worked at the craft store, folks new to jewelry making asked me all the time what they could use to make earrings. My response was almost always “anything with a hole.” People would look at me quizzically, but it’s true. I like to pride myself on thinking outside of the proverbial box. This attitude allows me to reimagine common place items into future jewelry pieces. If you can fit a jump ring through something, you can make it into an earring.

My most recent find came at a record store. Yes, they do still exist! Laying amongst a variety of record player accessories, I spied a bag of 45 adapters. I have always loved the design of them. Like most 45 adapters, these were made out of bright, yellow plastic, which made them not only light enough to wear but also quite a colorful statement.

To make these earrings, you simply need the 45 adapters, jump rings, ear wires, and pliers. The number of jump rings you’ll need will depend on your ear wires. I used two per earring because of the placement of the bottom loop of my ear wires. Attach your jump rings to the 45 adapters and then your jump rings to your ear wires.

Wearing these beauties will instantly identify you as a true music lover. Plus they might even come in handy if you find yourself in need of a 45 adapter!


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