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Halloween Garland

on October 18, 2012

Last week when I was making my Easy Paper Pumpkins, I experimented with different sized circles. The smallest, 1 1/2 in., were almost too small to use as pumpkin decorations, but I thought they would make for a cute garland.

Using I Heart Naptime’s tutorial, I created more small balls out of Martha Stewart Halloween scrapbook paper. Her craft line always carries the best seasonal paper products. Here’s my tip for saving a little money – buy the mat stack instead of the paper pad. The cost of the mat stack is generally about a 1/3 of what you would pay for the whole paper pad. You’ll still get lots of great designs, just in smaller size. I crafted a ball out of each design in my mat stack and decided to supplement them with some made of out black cardstock to make my garland longer. For the garland’s string, I chose to use some Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash yarn in Orange Topaz that I had leftover from my “Glitter” Pumpkin.

I tried punching holes in the balls to then thread my yarn through them, but I didn’t like the finished product. Hunting around on Pinterest, I found the perfect paper garland tutorial by Laurie Cinotto. Unfortunately I had already glued my paper together, so I had to improvise on attaching the balls to my yarn. Luckily I have a decent range of needles, so I found a size 20 yarn needle with an eye larger enough to thread the yarn through but a body small enough to pass through the center of my paper balls.

My finished Halloween garland is now decorating my craft space. LulaBelle aka Kiko has already eyed it mischievously, so it may not stay there for long! I love this project because it is easy and versatile. This garland is simple enough that the little ones can help. I can certainly see myself making these paper garlands for other holidays. They would also be precious party decorations. With this one, the possibilities are pretty much endless!



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