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Easy Paper Pumpkins

on October 11, 2012

After Halloween last year, I got some great deals on themed scrapbook paper. I now have oodles of Halloween paper begging me to use it. When I found a paper pumpkin tutorial at I Heart Naptime, I knew I was in business. She provides a video tutorial, but these are so dang easy to make you really won’t even need it.

For my take on them, I simply used a pipe cleaner for the stem. I love her idea of wrapping the pipe cleaner with brown paper, but that look didn’t suit the scrapbook paper I chose for the body of the pumpkin. You’ll notice that I played around with different sized circles. I love the littlest one! It may make an appearance in a different form in a future post…

These pumpkins are as easy as they are cute, which makes them a great project for kids. If you’re in need of a fun activity for your classroom or Girl Scout troop, definitely consider these. Omit the hot glue and use Elmer’s instead for the stem to make it safer for little ones. To save a some dough, buy construction paper in the place of scrapbook paper. This project is sure to delight crafters of all ages!



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