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“Glitter” Pumpkin Tutorial

on October 1, 2012

Pinterest is rampant right now with pumpkins covered in everything imaginable. I set out to cover a styrofoam pumpkin with Halloween scrapbook paper. Unfortunately the paper was not pliable enough to conform to the curves of the pumpkin. When that failed, I tried tissue paper, but I didn’t like the way it looked.

Determined to cover my pumpkin with something, I rifled through my yarn bin and found the perfect thing – glitter eyelash yarn! Yarn is certainly flexible enough to cover the non-flat surface of a pumpkin. Plus this particular yarn provides the shimmer and glitz of glitter without the mess. They say the third time’s the charm!


Step One:

Beginning on the bottom of the pumpkin, apply a thick layer of Elmer’s glue to the center. I tried Mod Podge first, but it didn’t seem like the best adhesive for this. I then wanted to use my all-purpose craft glue, but the consistency was more paste than glue. I recommend using Elmer’s. It not only dries clear, but Elmer’s is affordable, which is good since you’ll need a good amount of it. Starting in the center, begin to coil the orange yarn, making sure to press it down into the glue.

Step Two:

Continue applying glue to the pumpkin and wrapping it with orange yarn until you cover the entire body of the pumpkin. Be patient and prepared to get a little covered in glue. I took breaks periodically to allow the glue to dry so that it would be easier to hold the pumpkin while I wrapped.

Step Three:

Once the body is covered in orange yarn, apply glue to the stem and wrap it with the green yarn.

Step Four:

With your pumpkin fully wrapped, you’ll need to let it dry. How long it needs will depend on how much glue you used. I let mine dry overnight just to be on the safe side.


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