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Knotted Yarn Necklace Tutorial

on September 20, 2012

During the summer months, I have a bad habit of neglecting my yarn bin. Something about the heat totally turns me off to knitting. I guess it’s the knowledge that I won’t get to enjoy most things I make for many months to come. With fall right around the corner, the yarn bin is looking much more appealing. Plus it’s pretty full (just because I’m not knitting doesn’t mean I’m not still buying yarn!), and the kitties have been tempted to play in it.

To ease myself back into yarn crafting, I’ve chosen a few jewelry projects. Not only are they fairly easy, but I can also start wearing them much sooner than a new scarf or hat. Honestly…WTF featured the coolest DIY Friendship Necklaces made out of embroidery floss and kitchen twine. It’s hard to pass up a jewelry project that doesn’t require any findings or special tools! I’ve made one that I like from their tutorial, but it got me wondering what else I could use in the place of the embroidery floss.

I dug around in the yarn bin and found some Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn. I have several different colors of it left over from my not-so-successful attempt to teach myself to crochet. Two colors in particular struck me as perfect for this necklace – Batik and Moondance. Both are ombres and consist of colors ideal for fall. Since their color varies, I knew the necklace would be multicolored without me having to use more than one ball of yarn. I have to warn you that these colors could be tricky to find. I bought them a year ago from a seasonal display at a craft store, and neither are currently for sale on the Sugar ‘n Cream website. The good news is that this yarn comes in a great variety of colors, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. Another reason I chose this particular yarn is that it is 100% cotton. Because of this, it can be washed if you happen to get some makeup on the necklace. Folks are also less likely to be allergic to to this yarn. Maybe most important for this particular project, this yarn will knot well.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how I made the necklace.


  • Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Tape

Step One:

Measure and cut 3 strands of yarn 36 in. each. These will serve as the core of your necklace. You could use less or more strands to vary the chunkiness of the finished necklace. I personally prefer to use at least 3.

Step Two:

Tie a knot with the 3 strands of yarn plus the start of your remaining yarn ball making sure to leave about 4 in. above the knot.

Step Three:

Tape the yarn down to a sturdy surface.

Step Four:

Let the knotting begin! I used a technique you’ll probably remember from making friendship bracelets in your childhood. These instructions assume that you’re right-handed. Sorry, lefties! Those of you out there can simply reverse the hand placement. I’ve seen this technique referred to as the number 4 knot because that’s what it should like if you’re doing the knotting correctly.

Holding the 3 cut strands or core tautly in your left hand, take the yarn ball or working yarn with your right hand over the top making a loop. Hold that loop with the thumb and index fingers of your left hand.

Move the working yarn behind the core and up through the loop.

While you continue to hold the core with your left hand, pull the working yarn tight and to the right with your right hand to form your first knot.

Continue knotting until your necklace reaches about 28 in. long.

Step Five:

Untie your starter knot, and then tie the two ends together. Snip off the excess yarn to your liking. Your necklace is ready to be worn!

Once you get the simple technique down, this necklace is a breeze. Making it will require some patience though. It usually takes me a few hours to finish one necklace. The Honestly…WTF ladies suggest bringing this project along on a road trip. I like to make them while I watch my guilty pleasure television shows. Your time investment will definitely pay off once you’re wearing and loving your new necklace!

2 responses to “Knotted Yarn Necklace Tutorial

  1. Paula says:

    This is definitely really neat, and like you said would be wonderful and fun for wearing in the hot summer. I have all kinds of yarn, and will definitely try to make some. I may even take some to sell at the Flea Market.

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