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Jenga Key Chains

on September 13, 2012

A couple of months ago, I found the most darling, upcycled Jenga blocks on Pinterest. Sarah Ortega came up with the idea to cover them with maps, insert a screw eye, and make them into key chains. Since I first saw this pin, I’ve been looking for a cheap Jenga set at thrift stores, and my boyfriend finally found one last week for $.99.

I used Sarah’s awesome tutorial to make my own key chains. I will tell you that I lacked the brute strength to insert the screw eye into the Jenga blocks. Luckily I contracted that step out to my boyfriend. Instead of a map, I covered mine with a funky scrapbook paper.

Although I love the key chains, I’m also thinking of making some Jenga blocks into ornaments. I bought a couple of holiday scrapbook paper pads after Christmas last year, and I think they would look perfect on Jenga blocks. Expect to see my attempts a little closer to Christmas.

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