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Another Hex Nut Bracelet

on September 8, 2012

My love of the hardware store continues with this hex nut bracelet. The inspiration for it came from a tutorial at Trinkets in Bloom.

Her bracelet differs from mine a little bit, but only because I was trying to use supplies that I already had. When I can, I try to fight the urge to buy all new supplies for every project. It helps me save some money, but it also forces me to get creative with leftovers from past projects. The more old stuff I use up, the more new stuff I can buy, right?

My initial modifications stemmed from not having enough of the right sized jump rings. The smaller diamond version I came up with actually fits my wrist better, so I guess everything works out for a reason. You’ll also notice that I used more jump rings than she did. That sounds a little nuts (yes, pun intended!) since I just stated that I went smaller because of jump rings. Going smaller left me with extra jump rings, so I used them. I did this to help the hex nuts maintain their diamond shape. If your jump rings are too big or you don’t use enough of them, the hex nuts morph into all sorts of other shapes. Said shapes are not as pretty to me as the diamond. Here’s a close up so that you can see my jump ring placement.

The decision to use leather instead of satin cording was based solely off of what I had on hand. I very fond of the effect the satin gives the bracelet since I am a sucker for color. Next time I’m at the craft or fabric store, I’ll pick some up and try the bracelet with it. I might also play with the hex nuts and come up with other shapes. All in all, I really like this bracelet. If you have basic jewelry making skills, this will be a breeze.


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