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Map Binder Clips

on August 27, 2012

I love maps. It must be something that I get from my mother. She’s been known to read an atlas. I think our fascination comes from an adventurous spirit and love of travel.

On Pinterest, I have a board devoted solely to crafts involving maps, and I’ve been slowly using up pages from a 2000 atlas we had lying around the house to make some of them. Today I decided to try an easy one: map binder clips. I might love office supplies almost as much as maps. Getting new pencils, notebooks, and such was always my favorite part of going back to school. This craft was a fabulous way for me to incorporate both loves.

Using Sensationally Sarah’s tutorial as a guide, I gathered my supplies. The hardest part of this craft was choosing which map to use. Because I’ve thinking about San Francisco following a conversation the other day with a co-worker, I decided to go with a map of the Bay area. I highlighted places I’ve been on each of my four binder clips.

These binder clips are almost too easy to make. I’m thinking that they would be wonderful presents for friends around the office. It would be cool to choose maps of places they love or maybe even cities where you’ve had business trips. I’m also considering using scrapbook paper leftovers in the place of the maps. Whatever you choose to cover yours with, you’ll definitely be happy with the end result.


4 responses to “Map Binder Clips

  1. kalfury says:

    What a clever idea and I guess you could convert this idea to so many other themes too, not just travel. You’ve inspired me 😉

  2. natfee says:

    That is so awesome!! I love maps and office supplies as well, this might have to go on my Pinterest to-do list 🙂

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