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Love One Another Cross Stitch Pattern

on August 23, 2012

I’ve got another beautiful AND free cross stitch project from Cyber Stitchers to share. This Love One Another pattern interested me because of its elegant simplicity and cool use of negative space. Plus you can’t get much easier than one color cross-stitched on 14ct. fabric. I had this completed in one night, but no pressure!

I also liked it because this pattern looks a lot like the Love Ribbons stamp released earlier this year by the United States Postal Service.

Although the finished piece certainly looks lovely framed, I think there are other possibilities for this pattern. It would be darling as a Valentine’s Day card for a special someone. This pattern would also make a pretty wedding present, especially if stitched in one of the wedding colors. Happy stitching!


4 responses to “Love One Another Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. Sue Pollock says:

    Ooh, I love those one-nighter projects…and yours is great! It does really resemble the stamp doesn’t it?

  2. Judi Utter says:

    Hi My name is Judi Utter. I designed the Love one another crossstitch. I love seeing it stitched so beautifully. I am glad it gave you joy to stitch.

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