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Son and Daughter Cross Stitch Patterns

on August 19, 2012

If your life is anything like mine, invitations to baby and wedding showers are forever coming in the mail. Don’t get me wrong. I love celebrating these milestones with friends and family. Because I’m a crafty type, I like to make my presents if I have the time. There’s something to be said for a gift that won’t be thrown away within a year or found on a registry at a department store.

Last year when my cousin’s son and daughter were both having their first babies, I searched through the free cross stitch patterns on Cyber Stitchers’ website. I highly recommend this site to any stitcher. It has a ton of patterns spanning a wide variety of themes. I found two sweet and easy patterns by the same designer- a son and a daughter. These were perfect for my needs because they were having a joint baby shower.

If you look at the pattern, you’ll notice that I picked my own colors of floss and used metallic filament in the letters. I do like to put my own spin on cross stitch patterns, especially easy ones to make them more special. I also added a satin ribbon border around the finished piece using fabric glue to hold it in place. To finish the gifts, I matted and framed them myself. They would also make really cute pillows. If you ever find yourself in need of a quick and easy baby shower gift, definitely consider these!


3 responses to “Son and Daughter Cross Stitch Patterns

  1. thisisthecraftyone says:

    Simple but gorgeous! Definitely one to remember for the future!

  2. kalfury says:

    These are really lovely, I love the simplicity of them too. I am fairly new to cross stitching so I think I might have a look at the free pattern webiste you mentioned. Looking forward to your next blog!

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