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Olympic Rings Necklace

on August 7, 2012

Looking around on Pinterest for Olympic-inspired crafts, I found the most darling necklace from Remarkably Domestic.

Her tutorial is very detailed and has lots of pictures. Since I already had everything or a suggested substitution from her supply list, I decided to give this necklace a try. In the place of Chinese knotting cord, I used embroidery floss even though I was concerned that it might separate into its individual strands. During the wrapping of the rings it was fine, but finishing off the ends was a little tricky. I had to use more glue than I would have liked, and my thread ends didn’t disappear into the design like hers. For the rings, I used the largest jump rings I had on hand, which are 10mm. I think that I could have hidden my thread ends more if my rings had been larger and thicker. As a result, not all of my rings turned out super pretty like hers.

This is one of those times when my Pinterest project didn’t turn out as well as the original. It happens. Mine is still pretty cute, but I see the flaws because I have perfectionist tendencies. I think the original necklace is precious and would love to have a cleaner version of it. My advice if you try this project: use cording!


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