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Tile Coasters

on July 27, 2012

I must be the last person in the internet crafting world to make my own coasters. There are a ton of tutorials out there. Having said that, I like some more than others, and I’ve chosen to share Two Girls Being Crafty’s tutorial. I chose this one because they provide other ideas beyond scrapbook paper to decoupage onto the tiles. Examples include napkins and favorite cards. I would add photographs to the list of possibilities.

For my first effort, I did use scrapbook paper. I’ve had this beautiful chevron paper for a couple of months, and it seemed perfect. Here’s a look at how mine turned out.

I must confess that I did improvise just a little on their instructions. The tiles I purchased at the hardware store weren’t finished on all four sides, so I chose to paint the edges as well as the border around the paper. I did this before I Mod Podged the paper onto them. I also differed from the tutorial on what to place on the bottom of the coasters. Because I already had self-adhesive cork circles left over from another project, I used them instead of felt.

This project was definitely an easy one. I lucked out with the supplies and only needed to buy the tiles, which cost a whole $.16 each. These would make great gifts and certainly lend themselves to assembly line production. I always love that! I definitely recommend you make a trip to the hardware store and try these out this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.


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