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Mod Podge

on July 23, 2012

When I worked at the craft store, I was amazed by how many customers were unfamiliar with Mod Podge, or, as we like to say it in these parts, Modge Podge. I’ve used it for so long in so many different ways that I just assume other crafters have, too. Well, we all know what they say about assuming things… Here’s some information and a host of resources for those of you that are Mod Podge newbies.

What is Mod Podge? This Plaid product is both an adhesive and sealer. Mod Podge celebrates its 45th birthday this year. If you’re interested, you can read more about its history in this article. Mod Podge comes in a wide range of finishes and several different varieties that are suitable for a multitude of surfaces. In my opinion, the standard one that most people are looking for their first time shopping for it is the gloss one with the orange label.

Not sure if this is the one you need for your project? The Plaid website has an awesome Formula Guide to help you decide which is best. On their site, you can also find a slide show demonstrating product tips and techniques.

The definitive expert on all things Mod Podge is Amy Anderson. Her blog Mod Podge Rocks is one of the best crafting resources on the web. She not only shares her projects with Mod Podge but also those of others. There is a whole section devoted to tutorials. If you haven’t stopped by her site yet, do it. I promise you’ll find something useful. Amy published a book this year also titled Mod Podge Rocks that you can pick up at Amazon or your local craft store.

Hopefully this post inspires you to add this handy product to your crafting supplies. Once you have it on hand, I bet you’ll be shocked by how many projects on Pinterest are now that much easier for you to do because you have one less supply to buy. I intend to tag all of my projects featured on this blog that utilize Mod Podge to make it easier for you to search for them here. Happy crafting!


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